Anthologie Bd. 1

Series: Junge Kunst der Stadt Luzern


Lorenz Olivier Schmid

Editor.: Stadt Luzern
Year: 2013
Format: Publication; 64 pages, 32 × 23.5 cm, softcover, cloth binding, thread stitching
Edition: 1/300–300/300, numbered and signed
Text: Klaus Merz
Language: German
Design: Hi (Megi Zumstein, Claudio Barandun, Sven Mathis)
ISBN: 978-3-909090-56-3
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The publication is a florilegium in the truest sense of the word: between spring and autumn 2012, Lorenz Oliver Schmid pressed plants between acid-free cardboard and anti-reflective glass and recorded the colourful glow of the preparations in incident and grazing light.