Series: Junge Kunst der Stadt Luzern


Sandra Ulloni

Editor: Stadt Luzern und Kunsthalle Luzern
Year: 2016
Format: Publication; 26 image plates, 31 × 20.5 × 2 cm, paperback


Tina Schulz



Design: Peng Peng (Klaus Fromherz, Martin Geel)
ISBN: 9-783-909090-80-8
Price: CHF 25.00

This book project grew out of an extensive collection of staged photographs by Sandra Ulloni. Photography had previously been only a side interest for her and mostly just a means of documentation. The playfulness is coupled with a kind of investigation that explores the sculptural properties of a material and deliberately allows for moments of rupture, transformation, and accidental composition. Familiar from the children's book, the cardboard book form emphasises the playful freshness and the spirit of discovery behind the artist's photographic work.