25./27.08. and 03.09.2023

Buchvernissage Bailando Bailando. Ein Totentanz
Edited by Maya Olah


8 pm

6 pm

6 pm
8 pm

Altes Krematorium
Friedhof Sielfeld
Albisriederstrasse 33
8003 Zürich

The bone man is central in the medieval death dances, he brings the living into the realm of the dead. In our contemporary dance of death, the figure transforms, can take on many forms and wears different faces. It is not only seen as a representative of death, but also stands for the problems of our time. Climate catastrophes, disappearing glacier ice and perpetual fires, the spreading diseases, wars, reintroduced abortion laws and evocations of the end of the world. In the face of crises that seem almost biblical, there is a need for a memento mori. One that shows that without awareness of finitude, no future life is possible. Our dance of death is multi-perspective and interdisciplinary: a dance performance with live, pulsating sounds from analog feedbacks and a book that gathers literary voices.

Dance-Performance from Rafał Pierzyński Performance: Emma Bertuchoz, Helga Starcevic, Rafał Pierzyński
Sound: Simon Grab
Costume and stage design: Yann Slattery
Assistance: Pascale Lustenberger
Project lead and text: Maya Olah

03.09. Admission free with collection




June 15-16
3-9 pm

June 17
3-6 pm

June 14
6-10 pm

I Never Read
Kaserne Basel
Klybeckstrasse 1b
4057 Basel


Book signing on June 14 at 7 pm at our booth with:

Wolfram Hahn Burgbergstrasse

Learning from the Earth
Hrsg. Institute for Land and Environmental Art, Johannes M. Hedinger 

Katrin Hotz enough

William Lutz En Face
Hrsg. Mirjam Fischer & Christine Kessler

Alex Silber In die Zeit gefallen
Autor Johannes Nilo

musik machen
Hrsg. Désirée Meissner, Matthias Schmidt, Anja Wernicke

I look forward to seeing you in Basel!

Many greetings
Vera Ida Müller


Helmi Vent im Gespräch

Helmi Vent im Gespräch

18 Uhr

Vexer Verlag Büro Berlin
Gneisenaustrasse 54
10961 Berlin

Helmi Vent, die Protagonistin des Buchs Lab Inter Arts. Einblicke in das Performance-Labor »Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette« wird im Vexer Verlag Büro Berlin zu Gast sein.

Die emeritierte Universitätsprofessorin an der Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, wird Einblicke geben in ihre Laborarbeit und ihre Arbeitsweise. Dabei wird sie auch Menschen vorstellen, die in Lab Inter Arts-Projekten, besonders in »Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette«, mitexploriert, mitentdeckt, mitdiskutiert, mitkonzipiert haben.

Vents Laborarbeit zeichnet sich durch experimentelle, interdisziplinäre und performative Facetten aus, die sich in Mairitschs Buchkapiteln widerspiegeln wie beispielsweise der Körper, das Stimmen, das Zuhören, das Unvorhersehbare.

Die Veranstaltung wird begleitet von Ausschnitten aus der filmischen Projektdokumentation »Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette«, die auch dem Buch von Karin Mairitsch zugrunde liegt.


In die Zeit gefallen von Alex Silber

20 Uhr

Theater Palazzo
Poststrasse 2
4410 Liestal

lesbar eine performative Lesung von und mit Alex Silber Company.
Dauer ca. 40 Minuten, Eintritt frei.

Buchrelease mit Apéro

Kunsthalle Palazzo
Poststrasse 2
4410 Liestal

Zu diesem Anlass ist die Ausstellung ab 13 Uhr durchgehend bis 22 Uhr geöffnet.




13–20 Uhr

12–19 Uhr

Neue Hard 12
8005 Zürich

Bei den Volumes Art Publishing Days erwartet Euch ein Programm mit Workshops, Ausstellungen und Interventionen sowie eine große Auswahl an Verlagen. Alle Einreichungen für den VOLUMES Award 2022 werden ausgestellt und die Gewinner bekannt gegeben.

Für Essen, Trinken und Musik ist gesorgt und vielleicht findet Ihr das eine oder andere originelle Geschenk!

Die Messe ist kostenlos und öffentlich zugänglich.
Alle Workshops sind kostenlos und ohne Voranmeldung.



Book launch

Buchpremiere - Das ramponierte Vertrauen. The battered trust.

6 – 9 pm

Kupper Modern
Zwinglistrasse 10
8004 Zürich

With pleasure we inform you about the publication of the photographic and literary book Das ramponierte Vertrauen. The battered trust. by Nicole Zachmann (photography) and Judith Keller (text).

We will celebrate the book premiere in Zurich with a reading by Judith Keller.
The artists and Vexer Verlag are looking forward to seeing you!


Book premieres in Berlin
To a Mouse with Gabriela Gerber and Lukas Bardill

To a mouse

6 – 8 pm

Vexer Verlag Büro Berlin
Gneisenaustrasse 54
10961 Berlin

With pleasure we inform you about the Berlin book premiere To a Mouse by Gabriela Gerber and Lukas Bardill. Video animations by Gabriela Gerber and Lukas Bardill, conversation about the book between the artist couple and the publisher and cello playing by Bo Wiget.


Book premieres in Berlin
Wolfram Hahn, Dirk Reimes and Stephan Wittmer

4 – 8 pm

Vexer Verlag Büro Berlin
Gneisenaustrasse 54
10961 Berlin

Three photo book projects celebrate Berlin premiere: Wolfram Hahn Burgbergstrasse, Dirk Reimes sous un ciel partagé entre nuages et éclaircies and Stephan Wittmer Tin Can. Framed by original works, the artists present their book projects in conversation with publisher Vera Ida Müller.


Book Launch Burgbergstrasse with Wolfram Hahn

Buchpremiere Burgbergstrasse mit Wolfram Hahn

7 pm

Torbogengebäude im Fliegerhorst
Burgbergstraße 36
74564 Crailsheim

In the work Burgbergstrasse the photoprapher Wolfram Hahn deals with the history of the buildings and inhabitants of Burgbergstrasse in Crailsheim. The road passes through a former air base built for the Wehrmacht in 1936. Since then, the area has been used for various military and civilian purposes: the US Armed Forces built barracks, which served as their base until 1994, and the German Federal Armed Forces set up an equipment depot. Shortly after the war, a camp for displaced persons was set up and there is still refugee accommodation and affordable housing for people in need to this day.


Exhibition Autotomy David Edward Allen

Ausstellung David Edward Allen

Exhibition opening 28. June, 6 – 9 pm

Vexer Verlag Berlin Office
Gneisenaustrasse 54
10961 Berlin

We are opening an exhibition of paintings by David Edward Allen at the Vexer Verlag office in Berlin, which will be on view during the summer months. We look forward to seeing you there!

Were there to be a genre called Nature Painting, it could very well be the one to which David Edward Allen—whose latest series of paintings—would belong. Allen, however, is concerned less with depicting the landscape and more with the relationship between nature and humanity. In covering the landscape with darkness and turning it into something threatening and vital, he reverses the traditional painterly gesture of inhibiting and thus controlling nature. The nature depicted becomes restive. As do his images, which challenge the viewer by oscillating between abstraction and figuration and by way of the diffuse energy they emit. They seek to be both looked at up-close and viewed from afar.


I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel


Book signing:

Thur 5 – 6 pm
Angela Lyn, Dirk Reimes

Fri 6 – 7 pm
Fritz Balthaus

Kaserne Basel
Klybeckstrasse 1b
CH–4057 Basel


The artists sign their books: Angela Lyn On the Edge of Time, Dirk Reimes sous un ciel partagé entre nuages et éclaircies, Fritz Balthaus Poststudio.


Book launch The Place to Be

Buchpräsentation The Place to Be

4 – 7 pm
Opening time

4 pm
Daniel Rother, Vera Ida Müller

5 pm
Julie Chovin, Séverine Marguin

Vexer Verlag Berlin Office
Gneisenaustrasse 54
10961 Berlin

During the event, works by Julie Chovin will be exhibited and the author Séverine Marguin will talk to the artist about her book project The Place to Be. In addition, Daniel Rother, the designer of the book, will introduce his design concept.


Book Launch with Gabriela Gerber and Lukas Bardill

To a mouse

19 pm

Engadinstrasse 43
7000 Chur

The publication To a Mouse is based on twelve animated films produced by Gabriela Gerber and Lukas Bardill between 2011 and 2022. The motifs emanate from the artist couple’s pre-alpine and rural environment and address the relationship between people and landscape, or people and nature. Consistently depicted in black and white, we see a badger, a farmer scything, numerous mice. The sequence or images create movement: someone shoots a photo, a train derails, a deer runs past a meadow. By transposing them into a new medium, peripheral occurrences move into the focus of perception and can be experienced as such.


Book Launch with Angela Lyn

Buchpremiere mit Angela Lyn

11 am

Villa Arconati FAR
Via Fametta, 1
20021 Castellazzo MI

On the Edge of Time is an immersive, sensual journey into the world of artist Angela Lyn. Born to a Chinese father and an English mother, she grew up between cultures, living in the U.K., U.S. and Taiwan.
Narratives, poetry and images are woven together in the pages of this richly illustrated work, which mirrors Angela Lyn’s major exhibition in 25 rooms of the Villa Arconati-FAR, a baroque palazzo near Milan, Italy. An authentic chronicle linking art and life, the book touches on universal themes that make a deep and lasting impression.



Book premiere

Buchpremiere - Dirk Reimes

7 pm

Reinsburgstr. 93
70197 Stuttgart

sous un ciel partagé entre nuages et éclaircies is the result of a year of research in Brussels and combines autobiography with fiction, everyday experiences with collected contemporary testimonies. In photographs found at flea markets and a text that imagines encounters with some of the people depicted, past and present meet and tell of the fleeting nature of life and our futile attempts to hold on to time. The resulting book and a limited edition of twelve original photographs in handmade frames will be presented.

In the artist talk with Ania Corcilius, Ann-Kathrin Müller, Ivan Zozulya and Dirk Reimes, we also look forward to a lively discussion of the book's themes and aspects from the various perspectives of the individual artistic practices.


MISS READ Berlin Art Book Festival

Friday 5 – 9 pm / Opening Party 9 pm

Saturday 12 – 7 pm / 5 pm Book signing with Julie Chovin at our booth

Sunday 12 – 7 pm

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin

The Berlin Art Book Fair 2022 will bring together a wide selection of 300+ publishers, art periodicals and artists/authors. On Saturday at 5pm you can meet the artist Julie Chovin at our stand. She will be present to sign her publication "The Place To Be. Nightclubs in Berlin 2013-2020".



Book premier

Buchpremiere - Von Visionen und Realitäten - Reflexionen über die Berner Museumslandschaft

5.30 pm

HKB, Auditorium
Fellerstrasse 11
3027 Bern

Of Visions and Realities
Reflections on the museum landscape in Bern

What will the museums of the future be like? What requirements will they have to fulfil, what needs will they have to meet? Who will be involved, and what can and should be shown? For the publication "Kunstvermittlung geht an Land: Studentische Perspektiven auf die Gegenwart der Zukunft von Kunstmuseen in der Schweiz" ("Art education heads to the country: student perspectives on the present and future of art museums in Switzerland"), students conducted field research, held discussions with curators and art educators and wrote articles; others contributed to the book's image section by imagining future exhibition venues with artistic, design and mediation work.

Apéro in the presence of Josef Felix Müller, Vexer Verlag


Lettera–Lucerne Literature Festival

Friday 5 pm – 7.30 pm
Saturday 10.30 am – 5 pm
Sunday 11 am – 3 pm

Book market at the Neubad
Bireggstrasse 36
CH–6003 Lucerne

The book market will feature a range of stands from 46 publishers. To see the wider programme of events, please visit the website: www.literaturfest.ch


Conversation with Patrick Rohner

Gespräch mit Patrick Rohner in der Galerie Mark Müller
Gespräch mit Patrick Rohner in der Galerie Mark Müller

7 pm

Gallery Mark Müller
Hafnerstrasse 44
CH–8005 Zurich

Photography: Conradin Frei

Compered by Marlene Bürgi (art historian and curator), this conversation between Patrick Rohner, David Bresch (climate physicist) and Helmut Weissert (geologist) will offer a chance to learn more about Patrick Rohner's artistic work as well as the genesis, design and themes of the publication Massenbewegungen, published by Vexer Verlag in autumn 2021, and the exhibition of the same name.

Please register by 5 March 2022: mail@markmueller.ch


Christmas sale and mulled wine

Weihnachtsverkauf und Glühwein
Weihnachtsverkauf und Glühwein

4 pm to 8 pm

Vexer Verlag Berlin Office
Gneisenau­strasse 54
10961 Berlin

We warmly invite you to our Christmas drinks this Saturday. If you’re still looking for an original or unique gift, you can find it here. There are rarities, multiples, editions and many new books to discover.

The entirety of our programme since 1985 is displayed on the shelves in chronological order; the books can be taken out and browsed through. In addition, we present works by artists including Fritz Balthaus, Livio Baumgartner, Ulrike Brückner, Julie Chovin, Wolfram Hahn, Roman Signer, Erik Steinbrecher, Rudolf Steiner and Till Velten on the walls.

The Vexer Verlag Berlin office is subject to the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered within the last 6 months) and it is compulsory to wear masks. There is a wide pavement in front of our shop window on which to enjoy mulled wine outside. Some of the participating artists will be present.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Book presentation at Kunstmuseum St. Gallen


6.30 pm

Kunstmuseum St. Gallen
Museum­strasse 32
CH–9000 St. Gallen


Three new publications from Vexer Verlag will be presented, which were all published in 2021 and are all connected with Eastern Switzerland in various ways: Coghuf, Coghuf (1905-1976), Christoph Rütimann, Bellelay and Patrick Rohner, Massenbewegungen.

Art historian Yves Guignard, artist and publisher Josef Felix Müller, Patrick Rohner and Christoph Rütimann will introduce the new releases in a roundtable discussion.


Book premieres and exhibition

Enzyklopädie der Insel Formosa. Ein Nachschlagewerk zu Politik, Gesellschaft und Natur
Ich zeichne Kreise auf ein Blatt, der Stein fällt ins Wasser

3 pm
Exhibition and books

4 pm
Artist discussion with Rudolf Steiner

5 pm
Ondine Pannet will introduce her book project

6 pm
Sophia Remer will read from her essay

Vexer Verlag Berlin Office
Gneisenau­strasse 54
10961 Berlin

Visual artist Rudolf Steiner will present photographs from his book Ricochet as a arrangement spanning an entire wall and will talk about his work with publisher Vera Ida Müller. The exhibition see us celebrating two releases: Sophia Remer will present her essay Ich zeichne Kreise auf ein Blatt, der Stein fällt ins Wasser (I draw circles on a leaf, the stone falls into the water). The artist will read from her book, which was published in a short run; she will also number and sign copies at the premiere. In addition, the designer Ondine Pannet will introduce the painstaking work of her book project Encyclopedia of Formosa Island. Ein Nachschlagewerk zu Politik, Gesellschaft und Natur (Encyclopedia of Formosa Island. A reference work on politics, society and nature). It gives us great pleasure to feature these unique projects in our programme!

Open until 31 October 2021


Viewing by appointment: mail@vexerberlin.de Vexer Verlag Berlin Office
Gneisenau­strasse 54
10961 Berlin
To cooincide with the the publication wire drawings, Ulrike Brückner presents an original work and the special edition of the book. Alba Frenzel presents her publication KREATUR O.T. as an interpretation in space. In addition, Wolfram Hahn shows photographs from his publication Draussen Dehors Outside, which was published in 2015.