Im Loch ist es dunkel

Series: Junge Kunst der Stadt Luzern


Claudia Kübler

Editor: Stadt Luzern and Claudia Kübler
Year: 2018
Format: Publication; 176 pages, 21 cm × 15.8 cm, softcover with glossy embossing, thread stitching
Text: Claudia Kübler (Mein Name ist O.), Jana Bruggmann, Armin Chodzinski
Language: German
Design: Lars Egert
ISBN: 978-3-909090-96-9
Price: CHF 35.00

Im Loch ist es dunkel (In the hole it is dark) is the title of the monographic first publication by Claudia Kübler, which appeared as volume 14 in the publication series Junge Kunst Stadt Luzern and was designed by Lars Egert. The artist's book consists of an extensive image archive, Die Sammlung der Löcher (The Collection of Holes), which was compiled over many years and is juxtaposed with selected works by Claudia Kübler. A fragmented story, in which O. crawls into a cave, runs through the publication. The book focuses on the philosophical dimension of the theme – the hole as a metaphor for excavation and constant search on the one hand, and the contradiction of matter and nothingness inherent in the hole on the other – which describes a void that only becomes perceptible through its diametrically contradictory neighbour, the materialised edge. The book constitutes a reflection on significant and insignificant holes. The editors assure us that the world has many holes to offer. And new ones are opening up every day.