Mons Fractus

Series: Junge Kunst der Stadt Luzern


Jeroen Geel

Editor: Stadt Luzern / Kunstmuseum Luzern
Year: 2015
Format: Publication; 176 pages, 33 × 24,5 cm, hardcover, cloth binding with embossing, thread stitching
Text: Lena Friedli, Claudia Kübler
Language: German, English
Design: Peng Peng (Martin Geel, Klaus Fromherz)
ISBN: 978-3-909090-72-3
Price: CHF 38.00

Mon Fractus was published to coincide with the artist's exhibition of the same name at the Museum of Art Lucerne in 2015. The exhibition title Mons Fractus, the Latin name of Mount Pilatus, refers to Geel's interest in his immediate surroundings and fascination with myths and stories.

Jeroen Geel (*1976) has been experimenting with stucco marble for some time, creating slabs that oscillate between classical marble and abstract paintings. This book documents his exploratory drawings and the resulting sculptural works of recent years.

In her text about Jeroen Geel, curator Lena Friedli writes: "He is a master builder of ruins. He creates art using traditional techniques, and an immense amount of creative passion. The focus on the old creates something new, which seems both nostalgic and up-to-date at the same time. When viewed from close-up, the stucco marble, which appears to be real marble from a distance, reveals astonishingly modern, abstract qualities, which, in the colour palette, can by no means be attributed to the marble. Crossover is enacted in the material as it is kneaded, moulded, and sanded by the artist, lending the finished works the impression of an eclectic mix."