About us

Vexer Verlag Berlin Office

Vexer Verlag's publishing programme is the result of an open dialogue with artists from the visual arts, literature, music, film, photography and architecture.
The outcome of these collaborations is collection of books about art and artists in unconventional publishing forms and formats, ranging from editions to monographs in larger editions that are numbered and signed.

Präsentation von Editionen, Multiples und Fotografien

Books, editions, multiples, photography

The visual artist Vera Ida Müller took over as managing director of Vexer Verlag in 2023, whereby she coordinates her publishing efforts between the company's two sites in Berlin and St. Gallen. She has headed the publishing house’s Berlin office since 2018, increasing collaboration with artists from Berlin's spatial context and diverse art scene in the process. The showroom hosts exhibitions, presentations of work, lectures and talks that focus on the publishing programme and book projects.
Vexer Verlag was founded in 1985 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, by the artist Josef Felix Müller, the father of Vera Ida Müller.