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Vexer Verlag St. Gallen

Vexer Verlag
Josef Felix Müller
Brauerstrasse 27b
CH-9000 St. Gallen
+41 71 245 79 66

Vexer Verlag was founded in Switzerland by the artist Josef Felix Müller in 1985. The publishing house is the product of a continuing dialogue with artists from various fields. This content-related exchange with positions from the visual arts, literature, music, film, photography architecture flows into various publishing forms and formats. These range from numbered and signed short runs to longer run publications.

Vexer Verlag Berlin

Vexer Verlag Berlin Office
Vera Ida Müller
Gneisenaustrasse 54
D-10961 Berlin
+49 176 604 29 225

In recent years, Vera Ida Müller, the founder’s daughter and herself also a visual artist, has established the Vexer Verlag Berlin office as a separate branch, expanding the collaboration with artists to include the spatial context of Berlin and its rich art scene. Alongside her work as a publisher, she organises events in the in-house showroom, such as work presentations, exhibitions, lectures and talks. These take the publishing programme as their subject and allow the book projects to be experienced in a new light.