Maschinen unter Druck (Machines Under Pressure)


Kris Decker

Year: 2022
Format: Publication; 136 pages, 11.4 × 16.8 cm, Hardcover with hot-foil stamping, thread-sewn, perforation
Language: German
Design: Studio Daniel Rother
ISBN: 978-3-907112-59-5
Price: CHF 25.00

"The perch, borrowed from the art school’s theater department, has five steps. On it, monologues have been rehearsed and stage directions given. Well, perhaps. I rather intend to sit quietly on it and remain silent. On this observation post. On this ivory tower made of tin and plastic. On this improbable, even impossible object, erected in a place that at first glance has little to do with theater, yet a lot with paper and paint. I climb up onto the seat, a notebook in one hand, and overlook, amazed, an assemblage of materials, people, apparatuses, stones, and dust. So this is a printer’s workshop."