Lauftext – ab 1985


Peter Liechti

Year: 2010
Format: Publication; 268 pages, 24,5 × 17,5 cm, hardcover, cloth binding, dust jacket, thread stitching
Text: Peter Liechti, Blurb: Corinne Schatz
Language: German
Design: TGG
ISBN: 978-3-909090-45-7
Price: CHF 38.00

Lauftext (Running Text) is what filmmaker Peter Liechti (1951 to 2014) has called this book, in which he presents for the first time a selection of short and longer recordings of film projects as well as diary-like recordings made since 1985. He himself writes on the first page: "These texts were all written in parallel with the work on my films. For me they mean reflection, repertoire, commentary, inner monologue or 'by-product' of my filmmaking in equal measure. In this way of working, writing and filming go inseparably together – I film diaries and at the same time write myself into new films, into image-making. Both processes ultimately allow me to grasp and process new experiences and motives."