Bailando Bailando. Ein Totentanz

Editor: Maya Olah
Year: 2023
Format: Publication; 112 pages, 21 × 11 cm, over with deep embossing and silk screen printing, textured paper with stone look, thread stitching
Text: Maya Olah, Alexander Estis, Katja Brunner, Rainer Stöckli, Tom Jan Putz, Jakob Leiner, Daniela Janjic, Elisabeth Sharp McKetta


Design: Sina Gerschwiler
ISBN: 978-3-907112-67-0
Price: CHF 34.00

The bone man, who ushers the living into the afterlife, plays a central role in the mediaeval dances of the dead; he catches them off guard in the middle of their everyday lives. In this book, the bone mantransforms himself, he can take many different forms and faces. He is not only seen as a representative of death, but is also symbolic of the problems of our time. Climate disasters, melting glacier ice, unending fires, the spread of disease, conflicts, the reintroduction of abortion restrictions and predictions of the end of the world. In the face of these almost biblical crises, it is necessary to have a memento mori, one that demonstrates the fact that no future life is possible without understanding one's own finitude. How do we speak with the dead, those who are thought to be dead, and our deepest fears? Our response is a multifaceted, interdisciplinary contemporary dance of death: with text contributions from Maya Olah, Melanie Katz, Jakob Leiner, Elisabeth Sharp McKetta, Rainer Stöckli, Alexander Estis, and Katja Brunner, illustrations by Olga Prader, photographs by Flavio Karrer and documentation of a dance performance.

Buch und Literatur Ost+
Project funded by the cantons of Eastern Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein

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