Zierstiche. Laufen

Series: Kunst und Bau, number 10
Artist: Esther Ernst
Editor: Vera Ida Müller
Year: 2021
Format: Publication; Booklet: 24,5 × 16.5 cm / Poster: 66 × 98 cm
Text: Patricia Bieder
Language: Deutsch
Design: Krispin Heé, Samuel Bänziger
ISBN: 978-3-907112-40-3
Price: CHF 5.00

The series Reihe Kunst und Bau (Art and Building) began in 2014. It gives a platform to selected artistic projects that were realised in connection with architecture or in public space. Although the contexts change, the format always remains the same and consists of a folding booklet and a poster.

Esther Ernst designed curtains for a secondary school in Laufen, which she had embroidered with her drawings. The artist developed the subjects by referencing content from the youngsters’ lessons as well as themes from their leisure time.