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Katrin Hotz

Year: 2023
Format: Special edition; publication with enclosed monotype on handmade paper: 20.5 × 27.2 cm
Edition: 6 unique pieces, numbered and signed
Price: CHF 180.00

On request

In 2022, Katrin Hotz received an invitation to work at the Atelier de Gravure in Moutier in Biel. The artist used the printing facilities there to create the drawing Husch-husch, der schönste Vokal entleert sich. M.E. par M.O. (The Loveliest Vowel Empties. M.E. by M.O.) by Meret Oppenheim into monotypes. To do this, she cut copper plates into seven organic shapes, which she arranged and printed directly on the printing press in several passes. This resulted in both abstract and organic forms with overlapping colour surfaces – both lucid and powerful at the same time.

On request