Vexer Nr. 1–10



Editor: Norbert Möslang and Josef Felix Müller
Year: 1985–1987
Format: Series of publications; 10 text booklets collected in a cardboard slipcase, each 21.5 cm × 14 cm, softcover, letterpress, thread stitching
Text: Hermann Reinfrank, Sven Åke Johansson, Ingeborg Wild, Alex Hanimann, Rolf Winnewisser, Olga Zimmelova, Marguerite Dreyfuss, Franziska Bürkler, Felix Hartmann, Gabriela Omlin
Language: German
Price: CHF 90.00

The publishing journey began in 1987 with a loose series of small, carefully designed, booklets that were printed with lead type and hand bound. They are written by five women and five men with very different professional backgrounds, ranging from musician to psychology student.

Vexer Nr. 1 Hermann Reinfrank, «sätze mit grün» (“sentences with green), 1985

Vexer Nr. 2
Sven Åke Johansson, 1985

Vexer Nr. 3
Ingeborg Wild, Sechs Gedichte (Six Poems), 1985

Vexer Nr. 4
Alex Hanimann, MAI. Die Mutter der Zeit (MAY. The Mother of Time) – Der ästhetisierte Nerv (The aestheticized nerve), 1986

Vexer Nr. 5
Rolf Winnewisser, 18.7.1610, 1986

Vexer Nr. 6
Olga Zimmelova, PANDATARIA, 1986

Vexer Nr. 7 Marguerite Dreyfuss, Im Staat der Ameisen (In the City of Ants), 1986

Vexer Nr. 8
Franziska Bürkler, Traum (Dream) – Weiss, 1986

Vexer Nr. 9
Felix Hartmann, LOLA, 1987

Vexer Nr. 10
Gabriela Omlin, Erkenntnisse über die Erfahrungen des Ludwig Staudenmeier (Insights into the experiences of Ludwig Staudenmeier), 1987