Unter Blumen. Regula Engeler Fotografien, Wen Tingyun Worte, Raffael Keller Übertragung


Regula Engeler

Year: 2020
Format: Publication; 84 pages, 22.6 × 15 cm, softcover with open spine, thread stitching, banderole
Text: Wen Tingyun (Worte), Raffael Keller (Übertragung)
Language: German
Design: Gaston Isoz
ISBN: 978-3-907112-26-7
Price: CHF 28.00

This book project combines contemporary photography with Chinese love poetry from the nineth century. The poems of Wen Tingyun, which are as paired down as they are substantial, and which Raffael Keller has brilliantly translated into German, meet the equally poetic and abstract photographs of Regula Engeler. Image and text enter into a dialogue across temporal and cultural barriers and illustrate the boundless qualities of art. In doing so, the booklet explores new means of artistic encounter between East and West.