to whom it may concern


Bernard Tagwerker

Year: 2012
Format: Publication; 208 pages, 33 × 24 cm, hardcover, cloth binding, thread stitching
Edition: 300 + 100 specimen copies
Text: Beate Henn-Memmesheimer, Josef Felix Müller
Language: German
Design: TGG
ISBN: 978-3-909090-51-8
Price: CHF 75.00

This book was published in 2012 to coincide with Bernard Tagwerker's 70th birthday and pays tribute to his original and unique work. The random method, which is used to initiate a rule-based process of shaping with an uncertain outcome, forms the consistent basis of his work. In to whom it may concern, Tagwerker processes text fragments by authors who are of particular importance to him and his work.
To begin with, he transferred the text fragments into number systems, which he then used to put them together in the book.
The first text is printed from page 9 to page 200. The second text begins on page 25 and overprints pages 25 to 200. This principle of overprinting is consistently maintained until the twelfth text, causing the book to become more and more condensed towards the end. The effect created by overprinting twelve times and the resulting mixed colours is subject to the principle of chance and can neither be foreseen nor controlled. But even though the artist works according to the random principle, he leaves nothing to chance in the preparation of his concepts.