Tin Can


Stephan Wittmer

Year: 2022
Format: Publication; 128 pages, 32 × 24 cm, softcover with glued-on dust jacket, thread-stitching
Text: Jana Bruggmann, Daniel Blochwitz, Katy Diamond Hamer, Michel Rebosura, Valeska Marina Stach, Sabine Gebhardt Fink
Language: German, English
Design: Megi Zumstein
ISBN: 978-3-907112-54-0
Price: CHF 45.00

Tin Can is based on the extensive image archive created by Stephan Wittmer during his numerous trips to South Dakota and Arizona in the USA. The book comprises a selection of these images, which Stephan has put together in rapidly changing chains of associations. One moment he could be conjuring the myth of the open road and the promise of unlimited possibilities, while demystifying it in the next by selecting images of consumerist skeletons, abandoned landscapes and anonymous hotel rooms. Where there is heaviness emanating from the allusion to the fate of the First peoples, there is also a playful handling of the material; a feeling of being on the road is evoked.

Press »Zoom – Die Ästhetik des Flüchtigen«

Press »Die Ästhetik des Flüchtigen«

Press »US-Kenner Stephan Wittmer veröffentlicht einen beeindruckenden Bildband über die Narben einer Lebensform, die nur das Ich und Jetzt kennt«