St. Gallen – Kassel – Graz


Roman Signer

Editor: Roman Signer
Year: 1988
Format: Video documentary, VHS (30 minutes); film recordings: Peter Liechti
Edition: Numbered and signed

Documentation of three actions performed at different locations:

St. Gallen: For the opening of the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen on 12 September 2007, Roman Signer set up a sculpture trail in the city park next to the museum. A precisely planned course of events in six sequences, which were set in motion by theatrically staged actions performed by Roman Signer in front of a large audience.
Detonation transmission tubing, flashes of light, buckets filled with water flying through the air, controlled explosions, a collapsing tower of blue barrels. A performance of superlatives.

 Kassel: As the closing event of Documenta 8 in Kassel in 1987, Roman Signer created a 200-meter-long Papierwand (Paper Wall) by means of elaborate and highly precise controlled explosions. It was one of the largest and most impressive temporary sculptures Singer has created to date.

 Graz: The action in Graz was related to the sculptural staging at the opening of the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen. The action began in the evening as dusk was falling. This created an almost unreal atmosphere. One fantastical element was that Roman Signer spent the whole time dressed in silver-grey fireproof suit with helmet. During these actions, he exposed himself quite directly to the elements: he sat in the middle of the fire created by the burning trail of black powder, running ahead of it to get caught by it for a second time.