Rolf Winnewisser

Year: 2007
Format: Publication; 300 pages, 29.7 × 17.5 cm, paper cover with linoleum print by Rolf Winnewisser, protective film, metal clips
Edition: 1/100-100/100, numbered and signed
Text: Rolf Winnewisser
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-909090-38-9
Price: CHF 90.00

The artist worked daily on two parallel texts in a year-long process. The Chinese poet and painter Wang Wei provides the starting point for a reflection on seeing and painting, memory and imagination, while the author and painter takes on the role of investigator for the origin of the image, for the ‘scar’ that permeates the text as a motif. The design of the book adopts the raw form of a manuscript: It simply consists of loose A4 pages, with a linocut by the artist as the cover sheet, held together with a plain metal clip.