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Vera Ida Müller

Year: 2017
Format: Publication; two booklets with staples 32 × 23 cm, 3 folding posters: 63,8 × 54,7 cm each, loose cover: 32,3 x 23 cm
Text: Natalia Huser, Interview by Natalia Huser with Vera Ida Müller
Language: German, English
Design: Bänziger Hug
ISBN: 978-3-909090-82-2
Price: CHF 29.00

This publication consists of three separate parts:

Booklet 1: After visiting the artist's studio, curator Natalia Huser wrote a text on her work Seitenwechsel – eine Reise mit Caspar David Friedrich (Changover – a Journey with Caspar David Friedrich) (1912–1919). The artist responded to the text with new images created explicitly for the publication.

Booklet 2: The photographic documentation of an in-situ painting process is alternated with excerpts of the completed work. The picture series is accompanied by Vera Ida Müller in interview Natalia Huser. The spatial perception and processual aspects in Müller's painting are illuminated.

Poster: Excerpt from 30-part work Handvocabulary white string. The loose folding posters bring movement into the viewing – they disturb the usual reading direction and are an invitation to lay out and locate the components.