Various (Christoph Gallio zusammen mit Andrea Neumann, Kazumi, Hans Benda, Helmut Erler, Sven-Åke Johansson, Jan Roder, Olaf Rupp, Oliver Steidle)

Year: 2010
Format: One CD/two vinyl singles in cardboard sleeve; side A, 4:40, side B, 4:55, side C, 4:46, side D, 4:49
Design: Anne Hoffmann, Coverbild: Christine Streuli
ISBN: 978-3-909090-44-0
Price: CHF 32.00

This musical work by Christoph Gallio was created in 2009 in Berlin in cooperation with various Berlin musicians. Soziale Musik is a solo work. It consists of 147 extremely short loops. Rather than being auscultated and dissected with innovative zeal, the instrument of the saxophone is scanned for its linguistic character. This is not a catalogue of possibilities, but rather a collection of sonic situations that can be loosely related to one another. The “nothing” – that is, the intervals between the loops – is just as important as the music. The work can be described as "Audio Poverty".