Roman Signer

Editor: Josef Felix Müller
Year: 1988
Format: Publication; 140 pages, 24.5 × 18.5 cm, hardcover, cloth binding, dust jacket, thread stitching
Text: Corinne Schatz
Language: German
Design: Josef Felix Müller
ISBN: 3-909090-00-1
Price: CHF 42.00

The book Skulptur is the first overview of Roman Signer’s sculptural and performative work. It documents, among other things, the closing action Papierwand (PaperWwall) of Documenta 8 in 1987 and his performance actions for the opening of the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen in 1987.

In the book about Signer's work, Corinne Schatz writes that it is both personal and general human longings and problems which manifest themselves in it: "His quest for the liberation of the spirit from material bondage is revealed in his examination of gravity, flight and fall. The dream of speed shatters as rockets crash into a wall. Equilibria are destroyed, forces are discharged or remain locked in tension. As a human being who designs and triggers an act of creation on a small scale and submits himself to the powers he has unleashed, Roman Signer places himself at the centre of his work. His expansion of the concept of sculpture, which also includes transformation, the process as a visually perceptible plastic art unfolding in space and time, is accompanied by an inner search for the expansion of boundaries. The danger that lurks in some actions is a challenge that turns art an adventure and connects it to life. Signer's essential contribution to contemporary art lies in this elementary visualisation of fundamental existential experiences."