Shift Happens

Series: Werk-Buch / Œuvre d’artiste


Vincent Chablais

Editor: Kanton Bern
Year: 2019
Format: Publication; 128-page fanfold, 23 × 32 cm
Text: Julien Maret
Language: German, French
Design: Vincent Chablais, B&R (Noah Bonsma, Dimitri Reist)
ISBN: 978-3-907112-10-6
Price: CHF 55.00

When I was preparing for the studio move, I made numerous drawings to visualise furnishings for the new studio. I started with simple sketches for rolling furniture as a storage solution for my paperwork. I had to get inventive; I enjoyed this.

I began to move in a space by drawing, to feel it and to create new spaces within it. The empty studio spaces attracted me with its proportions and its seclusion, with its status as a volume in the void.
It was a great time of dreaming, of playing with possibilities. I moved around in a kind of intermediate zone: spatially between the old and the new studio, temporally between the old works I found while cleaning up and the possible new ones I began to imagine.

I searched for an author for this state and discovered the work of Julien Maret. His fragmentary writing appealed to me because I work in a similar manner. At one of my exhibitions in Saint-Maurice, the whole dissolves into meticulous observations of details, trivialities and actions. Maret takes this installation as the starting point for his associative text. It's really amazing how the text manages to navigate between image and text, with some things becoming more concrete and others remaining pleasantly mysterious. This was very fitting for me.