Schönheit muss sein


Straub & Straub

Year: 1988
Format: Publication; 64 pages, 21.4 × 13.9 cm, paperback, endpaper: Silkscreen by René Straub
Text: René Straub 
Language: German
ISBN: 3-909090-03-6
Price: CHF 38.00

René Straub co-founded the Archiv Beider Richtungen in 1982; the company-like ABR Stuttgart developed from this, which he ran together with Gerrit Hoogerbeets and Harry Walter from 1982 to 2003.
The philosopher Max Bense wrote about the texts in Schönheit muss sein (There Must be Beauty) in 1984/1985: "They are not essays in the previous terminological sense... Nor are they 'narratives,' although the individual pieces initially suggest they are... If I had a single classificatory term to propose for these texts, I would speak in their case of 'reports' in the sense of invented information, narrative reflection and experimental composition, that is, in a sense, a literary reporting of meta-literary facts between personal experiences and personal accounts in personal contexts."