Roland Dostal

Year: 2017
Format: Publication; 130 pages, 20,2 cm × 27.2 cm, hardcover with cloth cover, thread stitching
Text: Yasmin Afschar, Christoph Wynne
Language: German, English
ISBN: 978-3-909090-90-7
Price: CHF 37.00

This publication contains works that the artist created during stays in Southeast Asia in recent years. With little infrastructure, but a lot of time, Dostal pursued his preoccupation with pictorial perception in the medium of drawing during the years of travelling. Hundreds of works on paper were created or worked on further. They can be loosely collected into groups and types; their shared commonality is the fact that they are made with simple writing materials. Often a black, white or blue colour is added in alongside other materials and processing methods. The results are often abstract, while revealing the traces of their treatment.
Composed of several layers of different material, these are multi-layered works which were created over longer periods of time, during which the artist added layer upon layer. In addition to drawings on paper, there are numerous collages, which are composed of found papers, snippets and photographs and combined with drawings. Personal technique encounters the world and everyday used material.

The publication was created in parallel with the exhibition of the same name at Kunstraum Kreuzlingen 2017