radschlagen – fer la rouda – do cartwheels


Daniela Keiser

Editor: Ruedi Bechtler
Year: 2020
Format: Publication; 144 pages, 9.9 × 15.7 cm, softcover, perfect binding, edge colouring
Language: German, English, Puter
Design: Romy Strasser
ISBN: 978-3-907112-24-3
Price: CHF 15.00

In 2016, artist Daniela Keiser challenged primary school children from Zuoz to perform cartwheels in the long, red-carpeted corridors of the Hotel Castell. The special thing about these corridors are the double wing doors, which become optical blinds that have an influence on the video stills. A flipbook was created from individual cinematic images and moments. Daniela Keiser sees cartwheeling as movement, play and a change of perspective. When doing cartwheels, the child leaves the solid ground – the world turns upside down, the child spins around itself – to land on the ground again, which is now a new, self-won ground.

This project was realised at the Hotel Castell in Zuoz and is presented in the book as a flip book.