Passing Through. Schweizer Kulturschaffende in New York / Swiss Artists in New York


Various (Äneas Humm, Bruno Jakob, Christian Wassmann, Grégoire Maret, Laura Livers, Lina Müller & Luca Schenardi, Linda Geisser, Mark Bächle, Petra Volpe, Sabine Krayenbühl, Susanne Bartsch, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Veronika Spierenburg, Yvonne Meier)

Editor: Nicole Rampa
Year: 2019
Edition: Publication; 172 pages, 17 × 22.5 cm, cloth binding with embossed lettering, thread stitching
Text: Yael Inokai
Language: German, English
Design: Studio Shafei Basel
ISBN: 978-3-907112-05-2
Price: CHF 38.00

Passing Through echoes different paces and rhythms of New York in 14 literary portraits and photographic snapshots. For some of the contributors, New York has been home for decades, while others have only been immersed in the city for days or months at a time. On one particular day in autumn 2018, they shared with us their (everyday) experiences. At sometimes high speeds, we travelled through the East or West Village, along Broadway, from Harlem to Midtown, from Chelsea to the Upper West Side to Brooklyn and Queens. Out into a world of which one sometimes imagines themselves to be at the centre, even at the edges. The rattle of the subway and the wail of sirens were followed by moments of silence and retreat. Rides in taxis, hurry and density met idleness and deceleration in parks and at home. Step by step and day by day, aspects of the city opened up to us, filtered through the gaze of the creative artists gathered here. They are the main protagonists and represent ways in which New York can be seen, experienced and lived.

The author Yael Inokai has written short literary portraits of the artists.