Ost – West 1 und Ost – West 2, BAKUB Macharten

Series: Kunst und Bau, Nummer 11



Editor: BAKUB Verein Basis Kunst und Bau
Year: 2024
Format: Publication 2 booklets à: 6 pages, 24.5 × 16.5 cm / Poster: 66 × 98 cm


Pavel Karous, Alice Henkes, Tomáš Glanc, Ronny Hardliz


German, Czech

Design: Studio Krispin Heé, Samuel Bänziger
ISBN: 978-3-907112-71-7
Price: CHF 9.00

The seriese Kunst und Bau (Art and Building) began in 2014. It gives a platform to selected artistic projects that were realised in connection with architecture or in public space. Although the contexts change, the format always remains the same and consists of a folding booklet and a poster.

Issue 11 examines the situation of art in public spaces within the former Czechoslovakia and present-day Czech Republic, shedding light on its significance for art and architecture in the Western context, a facet often overlooked in German-speaking regions. This bilingual dual publication also delves into postcolonial iconoclasm, exploring its intersections between East and West amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.
The background for this is the eponymous exhibition curated by BAKUB in 2020/21, which was shown at the Stadtgalerie Bern and the Bern University of the Arts. The exhibition juxtaposed artworks and architectural pieces from the former GDR and ČSSR with contemporary creations and designs from Dresden, Prague, Brno, Saint-Imier and Bern.