On the Edge of Time


Angela Lyn

Year: 2022
Editor: Angela Lyn, Richard Bird
Format: Publication; 416 pages, 30 × 23 cm, softcover, brochure with dust jacket, thread-stitching
Text: Diverse authors
Language: English
Design: TGG Visuelle Kommunikation, Jonas Niedermann
ISBN: 978-3-907112-55-7
Price: CHF 58.00

Three elements make up Angela Lyn's book On the Edge of Time: a personal search for traces, documentation of her exhibition at the Villa Arconati-FAR near Milan and an overview of a multi-layered oeuvre. Rounded out with her own texts, short comments from companions and collectors as well as reflective classifications and conversations, Lyn's complex cosmos is fanned out with the help of historical photos, installation photos of the exhibition and illustrations of her artistic works. The book conveys a comprehensive impression of the artist who, with precise yet sensitive interventions in the baroque villa, makes reference to what is already there, while opening up new horizons. Her ability to combine different cultural influences is derived from her biography: the daughter of a Chinese father and an English mother, Angela Lyn lived in Great Britain, the USA and Taiwan before settling in Switzerland.

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