Frida Köchli

Editor: Monika Müller-Hutter
Year: 1990 (first edition 1989)
Format: Publication; 96 pages, 21.5 × 14.3 cm, paperback
Text: Frida Köchli
Language: German
ISBN: 3-90909006-0
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Frida Köchli was born in Kindhausen AG in 1908 and opened a hairdressers in Rorschach SG with her husband in 1928. The text ‘Narben’ (‘Scars’) was written in 1947. It contains memories which not only bear witness to that time and describe an example of a working-class fate, but also paint the picture of a father as a soulless and faceless arch-patriarch who was violent and unpredictable in his alcoholic instability. In the shadow of this monster, the world of women perishes with nightmarish consistency. This biography takes the reader back into an unknown reality of Helvetic misery at the beginning of the last century.