Mit den kleinen Wölfen heulen


Ingeborg Strobl

Year: 1989
Format: Publication; 92 pages, 28.5 cm × 20.5 cm, laminated hardcover, thread stitching
Text: Martin Kubaczek
Language: German
Design: Ingeborg Strobl
ISBN: 3-909090-01-X
Price: CHF 120.00

Designed by Ingeborg Strobl in a lengthy process, the book was created in 1989 in cooperation with the then legendary printing house REMA-Print in Vienna. Ingeborg Strobl left nothing to chance and stood next to the machine during printing to check and balance the colour effect on the different papers. Strobl has created a book in which she allows finely coordinated materials to react to the medial complexity of her work in a skilful and idiosyncratic way.
The artist brought together a precisely constructed encounter of diverse media and levels of content (collage, graphics, watercolour, painting, drawing, photography, object, and word) to form a poetically cryptic narrative thread. Martin Kubaczek responds to the work of the artist, who was born in 1949 and died in 2017, in a separate text.