Erik Steinbrecher

Year: 2018
Format: Publication; loose collection of sheets with poster; 10 sheets of A3 (closed A4), portrait format, 250 g/m² LuxoMagic; poster: unfolded 100 × 70 cm (folded 29.7 × 21 cm), portrait format, 80 g/m² Fly Design extra white
Design: Erik Steinbrecher
ISBN: 978-3-909090-95-2
Price: CHF 27.00

Metalstil (Metal Style) documents a selection of recent castings by Erik Steinbrecher. Nails, screws, tools, locks, handles, household appliances, scrap metal are remoulded or clad during the melting process. Occasionally, metal foil or spray paint is used to create a desired look. The publication is printed in monochrome and gold bronze. The cover displays the gold mask of the artist himself.