Menschenbilder. Aarau. Stadtmuseum

Series: Kunst und Bau, number 3


Josef Felix Müller in collaboration with Diener & Diener and Martin Steinmann

Editor: Josef Felix Müller
Year: 2015
Format: Publication; booklet: 14 pages, 24.5 × 16.5 cm / Poster: 66 × 98 cm
Text: Kaba Rössler, Beat Wismer
Language: German
Design: Krispin Heé, Samuel Bänziger
ISBN: 978-3-909090-70-9
Price: CHF 9.00

The series Kunst und Bau started in 2014 and will be continued continuously at irregular intervals. Reminiscent of an architecture plan, the folding booklet with poster gives a platform to selected artistic projects that were realised in connection with architecture or in public space.
For the Stadtmuseum Aarau, Josef Felix Müller cast 134 concrete slabs, covered them with full-body portraits of people and hung them on the façade of the museum.