Sebastian Utzni

Editor: Stiftung Kunsthaus Grenchen
Year: 2015
Format: Publication; 104 pages, 23.5 × 17.2 cm, softcover, thread stitching, brochure
Text: Eva Inversini, Anna Leibbrandt, Daniel Morgenthaler, Sebastian Utzni
Language: German
Design: C&H Konzepte Werbeagentur AG (Chantal Brülhart)
ISBN: 978-3-909090-73-0
Price: CHF 23.00

The illustrated book was published as part of Sebastian Utzni's solo exhibition at Kunsthaus Grenchen. It lays bare notes of the artist's creative process, thought processes and extensive research work – in the sense of a further work, as a commentary and as a further treatment of the themes dealt with.

Memory is subjective and individual. Memory is general and collective. How do we remember? Are there any tools that can increase memory? When does memory deceive us, and which memory is it?
As a native German, Sebastian Utzni knows about the power of memory, the obligation to remember and the dangers of forgetting.