male – female


Josef Felix Müller

Year: 1997
Format: Edition, pages, × cm, paperback with flaps, thread stitching, inner book
Edition: 1/150–150/150, numbered and signed
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For the book male – female, Josef Felix Müller engraved male and female beings directly into plywood boards with a ballpoint pen while his eyes were closed. These engravings were printed directly from the wooden plates on the lithographic quick press in Urban Stoob’s workshop in St. Gallen – with purple paint on yellow paper. Purple is considered mysterious and mystical and is accordingly associated with faith, spirituality and servitude. Purple has a calming effect, but also symbolises loneliness and melancholy, suffering, mourning and renunciation. In colour consultancy, purple is recommended to express self-confidence and individuality, and for all occasions where diplomacy is required. Purple and its colour nuances is also considered imaginative and creative, sensitive, intuitive and extraordinary. Violet has a supposedly aphrodisiac effect.

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