Monika Dillier

Editor: Isabel Zürcher
Year: 2012
Format: Publication; 200 pages, 28.5 × 22 cm, hardcover embossed, thread stitching
Text: Andreas Cremonini, Birgit Kempker, Chris Regn, Andrea Saemann, Isabel Zürcher
Language: German
Design: Bureau Dillier
ISBN: 978-3-909090-48-8
Price: CHF 68.00

In a dense sequence of images, this publication permits a retrospective view of a creative work in the field of tension between poetry and politics, paying tribute to it as a mental space that is at once autonomous and interwoven in many ways with her generation of artists. The artist herself took the viewing and display of earlier and more recent works as an occasion for subjective rearrangement. She uses the turning of the page as a caesura, allows world events and personal experience to collide, meanders between painting and drawing, photography and installation, and offers surprising moments alongside thematic condensations.