Ian Anüll

Editor: Kunsthalle Zürich
Year: 1990
Format: Publication; 70 pages, 27.4 × 20.9 cm, softcover, thread stitching, brochure
Text: Max Wechsler, Bernhard Bürgi
Language: German, French
Design: Ian Anüll
ISBN: 3-909090-09-5
Price: CHF 38.00

The illustrated book was published in 1990 to accompany Ian Anüll's exhibition at the Kunsthalle Zürich.
In the catalogue, Bernhard Bürgi writes: "Ian Anüll subverts firmly established values with anarchistic pictorial lust. Using material and immaterial found objects from the world of the cosmos as significant signs, he makes them efficacious in painterly and object-like contexts with both rigour and a certain nimble-footedness. He undoubtedly ties the artistic imagination to socio-political realities, using their interactions as creative potential with a huge amount of fine irony and refreshing directness. One can indeed identify a conceptual strategy that could be interpreted in a directly socio-critical way, for instance due to its socio-economic aspects (the work of art as a trademark product). But Ian Anüll's processual images move in the direction of ambivalent constellations, which can suggest cosmic dimensions and Dadaistic nonsense in equal measure and operate in an essentially intuitively sensual way; coincidence often becomes stimulus here and the thumbprint is unpretentious. The massively formally reduced, mostly geometric pictorial language does not stem from a stylistic credo, but from methodical consistency: the tracing of life-determining structures, which must be pinpointed in everyday phenomena and simple contexts of meaning and then directed into artistically determined flows of energy."