Im Atelier


Esther Hiepler

Year: 2017
Format: Edition; nine booklets in slipcase, totaling 200 pages, 21.8 × 15.2 × 2.8 cm
Edition: 1/100-100/100, numbered and signed
Text: Esther Hiepler
Language: German
Design: Esther Hiepler
Price: CHF 130.00

The magazine series Im Atelier (In the Studio) is dedicated to the artistic process in nine chapters. Pictures, objects and texts are messengers of a branching narrative about working in the studio. The focus here is on breaks and productivity, accomplishments and omissions, work and rewards. Objects, material arrangements and drawings mix with reflections on what has just been done or what could be done.

Issues 1-9:
1. Produkte & Prozesse (Products & Processes)
2. Kaffeekreise (Coffee Circles)
3. Das Süsse & das Dunkle (The Sweet & the Dark)
4. Leistungen & Unterlassungen (Benefits & Omissions)
5. Geld & Gold (Money & Gold)
6. Öffentliche Kaffeepause (Public Coffee Break)
7. Dialog mit dem Zweifel (Dialogue with Doubt)
8. In der Fabrik (In the Factory)
9. Blütenkugeln (Spherical Flower Heads)

The blog has been online since 2021 as a continuation of the publication «Im Atelier» (Vexer Verlag, 2017). The work in the studio, the field of art and the circumstances of being an artist form the starting point for sporadic observations in words and pictures.

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