Helmi Vent – Lab Inter Arts. Einblicke in das Performance-Labor «Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette»


Karin Mairitsch

Year: 2020
Format: Publication; 280 pages, 24.5 × 16.5 cm, softcover, thread stitching, brochure
Text: Karin Mairitsch
Language: German, English
Design: Karin Mairitsch
ISBN: 978-3-907112-25-0
Price: CHF 33.00

This book provides an insight into the process-oriented concept and practices of the Lab Inter Arts, headed by Helmi Vent It refers to the filmic documentation of the performance lab «Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette» (shoulda woulda coulda), which was accessible by QR code; a cross-university project held event in Salzburg, Austria, in the 2015/16 winter semester.
In the book, vocal and bodily sounds meet with improvisations, compositions, texts, wanderings and weavings, accompanied by film stills and voices by the project participants. These are in turn intermixed with thoughts on 'coulda woulda' and on the overarching concerns of the (life) lab work

With this book about the concrete performance lab, author Karin Mairitsch has succeeded in creating an artistically explorative reflection on art, art education and life in Helmi Vent's Lab Inter Arts. By employing artistic means for the design, Mairitsch has developed an independent approach that transforms Vent's special way of working into book form.