Geografie der Freiheit – John-Berger-Projekt


Various (Karin Karinna Bühler, Annina Frehner, Hans Jörg Geiger, Claudia Kübler, Alfred Matzig-Ruiz, Josef Felix Müller, Vera Ida Müller, Lika Nüssli, Ute Schendel, Katja Schenker, Andrea Vogel, Peter Wirz)

Editor: Josef Felix Müller
Year: 2019
Format: Publication; 240 pages, 27 × 19 cm, softcover with flaps, thread stitching


John Berger, Rolf Bossart, Bettina Dyttrich, Micha Friemel, Ben Moore, Josef Felix Müller, Andres Müry, Anna Papst, Vanessa Rüegger, Mathias W. Schmid, Isuf Sherifi, Bae Suah, Laura Vogt, Sarah Zürcher



Design: TGG
ISBN: 978-3-907112-19-9
Price: CHF 32.00

"Across the planet we are living in a prison," wrote the British writer, painter, and art critic John Berger (1926-2017) in 2011 in his essay Fellow Prisoners. In it, he describes humankind not only as a prisoner of itself, but also its imprisonment in a globalised society.

For the book project Geografie der Freiheit (Geography of Freedom) in 2019, Josef Felix Müller invited selected authors and artists to respond to Berger's radical essay. This resulted in philosophical, scientific and artistic contributions that explore the question of what forms of freedom exist and what they mean for us as humans.