Generateurs Modeles. Musterbrüter


ABR Stuttgart (René Straub, Harry Walter)

Year: 1988
Format: Publication; 72 pages, 21.4 × 14 cm, softcover, thread stitching
Text: René Straub, Harry Walter, Max Bense
Language: German, French
Design: ABR Stuttgart
ISBN: 2-907667-00-9
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For twenty years (1983-2003), René Straub and Harry Walter worked together on and presented most of their contributions to art – then they parted ways and the production community ABR Stuttgart came to an end.

Publications were an essential area for the art collective. They are more than just commentaries or catalogues; they are independent works that represent ABR as well as exhibitions or events.

The publication Generateurs Modeles. Musterbrüder (Modern Generators. Model Brothers) appeared in 1988 to coincide with the invitation to the Octobre des Arts. It contains 23 short texts by Harry Walter and one by René Straub, a variety of visual material and eight commented views of ABR Stuttgart exhibitions.