Gästebuch Planet Erde


Josef Felix Müller

Year: 2018
Format: Publication; 224 pages, 23 × 29 cm, hardcover with cloth cover and silkscreen, thread stitching, numbered and signed
Text: Josef Felix Müller
Language: German
Design: Lea Romana Fischlin
ISBN: 978-3-909090-99-0
Price: CHF 75.00

The idea for the Gästebuch Planet Erde (Guestbook Planet Earth) project came about for an exhibition to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Sardona Unesco World Heritage Site. The formation of the Alps is very clearly visible in this area. The African and European tectonic plates moved towards each other over millions of years and piled up with enormous forces to form the Alps. The Gästebuch contains empty pages and is actually intended for use as a guestbook. It is available all summer in the Spitzmeilenhütte and awaits entries from hiking guests. The guestbook aims to remind us that we humans are guests on this planet and should move around it mindfully, with a sense of common values and with a love for nature.

The guestbook can also be displayed in other places where encounter occurs – be it private space, public community spaces, museums or galleries. It is an invitation to friends, acquaintances and strangers to inscribe themselves into this book with an individual contribution.