Wolfram Lotz (Text), Josef Felix Müller (Image)

Year: 2014
Format: Publication; 112 pages, 20.8 × 13 cm, softcover, brochure
Text: Wolfram Lotz
Language: German
Design: Kaspar Kobel
ISBN: 978-3-909090-61-7
Price: CHF 18.00

This little book of prose contains two mysterious tales of mysterious angelic apparitions in the 20th century. One reports sightings of a mysterious animal in North America in the nineteenth century, the other a mysterious animal in South America.
Wolfram Lotz tells of these strange phenomena in miniature-like episodes. And entirely by the by – and yet above all! – he also tells of the fate of those who experienced these chance encounters.

The Erscheinungen (Apparitions) are a constant, careful collision of the banal and the supernatural, of beauty and cruelty, of comedy and tragedy.

Josef Felix Müller supplements the stories with two cheerfully ironic sequences of images that function in a manner very similar to the texts: Although the images become more and more complete, more and more precise, they ultimately refuse to reveal themselves – and thus preserve the mystery!