Katrin Hotz

Year: 2023
Format: Publication; 160 pages, 217 × 280 cm, Japanese and standard binding, thread stitching, spine visible
Text: Robert Ireland, Kristin Schmidt, Karine Tissot, Konrad Tobler, Ulrich Vogt
Language: German, French
Design: Jérôme Lanon
ISBN: 978-3-907112-52-6
Price: CHF 38.00

The monograph enough by Katrin Hotz (*1976 in Glarus, Switzerland) brings together pieces from the eponymous group of works created between 2013-2022. These large-scale works are made of paper and always refer to the specific wall or room where they are installed. Hotz works with (paints, folds and crumples) the paper to give it sculptural qualities and form three-dimensional landscapes. In doing so, chance plays a big role, as does the impression of imperfection. The book documents these ephemeral site-specific installations. It is supplemented by texts and illustrations of Hotz's working process, to provide a deeper insight into her working method. The design concept uses different papers as a reference to the artist's experimental handling of paper. This in turns makes the monograph a haptically appealing object.