Ein Löffel Tee in einem Fass voll Honig


Alex Hanimann

Editor: Kunstverein St. Gallen
Year: 1988
Format: Publication; 184 pages, 22.5 cm × 17.5 cm, softcover, perfect binding, brochure
Text: Roland Wäspe
Language: German
ISBN: 3-909090-02-8
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This exhibition catalogue contains books and drawings by Alex Hanimann made between 1981 and 1988. It was published in 1988 to coincide with his solo exhibition in the exhibition space St. Katharinen in St. Gallen.

In the catalogue about Alex Hanimann's pictorial world, Roland Wäspe writes that this world oscillates freely between drawings of real objects, images with strong analogies to a classical Christian iconography, and signs that have been reassembled from fragmented and altered fragments of both worlds in a completely free way.