ein andersartiges stark farbiges objekt 

Artist: Julia Kröpelin
Editor: Vera Ida Müller
Year: 2024
Format: Publication; 160 pages, 32.5 × 23.5 cm, thread stitching, softcover with foil stamping
Text: Senta Connert, Armin Hartenstein, Georg Imdahl, Julia Kröpelin, Jari Ortwig, Ludwig Seyfarth

German, English

Design: Bernd Grether and Julia Kröpelin
ISBN: 978-3-907112-66-3
Price: CHF 38.00

The artist's book ein andersartiges stark farbiges objekt (a different kind of strongly coloured object) presents Julia Kröpelin's work in all its diversity. Based on a magazine, it oscillates between a catalogue raisonné and an art book, thus providing the groups of works – sculpture, drawing, relief and performance – with a unifying space. By zooming in and out on details, motion shots and intense colours,  the is focus placed on rhythm and speed. This illustrates Kröpelin's artistic process, which employs drawing and sculpture to work with the moment of movement, capturing the ambivalence between the idea of movement and the static moment of capturing it – a delicate balance between form and formlessness and the relationship of thought and language to the appearing object. The interplay of paper textures, transitioning from high-gloss prints to various open-coated surfaces, imbues the publication with a tactile change that refers back to her work. The cover features a short text by Enzo Link, while the book contains texts by Georg Imdahl, Armin Hartenstein, Ludwig Seyfarth, Jari Ortwig, Senta Connert and an interview with the artist herself.