Draussen Dehors Outside


Wolfram Hahn

Editor: Vera Ida Müller
Year: 2015
Format: Publication; 124 pages, 32 × 21.3 cm, softcover, thread stitching, enclosed 70 x 100 cm fold-out poster


Catherine Malabou, Christian Hackenberger


German, English, French

Design: Krispin Heé
ISBN: 978-3-909090-69-3
Price: CHF 32.00

Wolfram Hahn spent some time collecting discarded plastic bags and then photographed them in his studio. The found objects are photographed on a white background, making them appear as if they have been cut out. Their character is changed by this process: the carelessly left-behind utilitarian objects now come into focus. This focuses the view onto the changes to which they have been exposed through dirt, weathering, wear and tear and movement in public space. In addition, the things contained in the bags – such as soil, creatures and other traces which the bags changed over time – become visible. In short: the photographs capture how the bags develop into sculptural beings through their exposure. The French philosopher Catherine Malabou described this process in the book as a "mortal animation of being".

Together with Vera Müller, Hahn developed a conceptual colour/shape ordering system, which is used to help catalogue and present the works in the publication.