Dig a Pony

Series: Werk-Buch / Œuvre d’artiste


Dominik Stauch

Editor: Kanton Bern
Year: 2019
Format: Publication; 152 pages, 30 cm × 22,5 cm, softcover, thread stitching
Text: Catrina Sonderegger
Language: German, English
Design: B&R (Noah Bonsma, Dimitri Reist)
ISBN: 978-3-907112-12-0
Price: CHF 45.00

In her text about Dominik Stauch's work, Catrina Sonderegger writes:
"In Dig a Pony, many things are blurred and then made crystal clear again. Thoughts and gestures are not quite compatible, almost as if this book were drunk. Some things make sense until outlines and insights completely dissolve again with the turn of the next page. This book presents a personal juxtaposition of visual narrative strands by the artist Dominik Stauch. In this collection of abstract thought-spaces, Kubrik, Cash, Mondrian, Pollock, Cage, Malevich, Man Ray, Franz Marc, Picasso and many more make an appearance, yet they all remain secondary protagonists.
Dominik Stauch's entire œuvre engages with the utopia of order. His works delve into the impossibility of breaking new ground without first disturbing it. Dig a Pony is a veritable anthem to aimlessness and a celebration of ignorance. Efficiency versus nihilism.