Die Poesie des Fremden


Karin Mairitsch

Year: 2020
Format: Publication; 64 pages, 27 cm × 20.5 cm, original revised pages, lead type, softcover, thread stitching, cloth bage
Edition: 1/200–200/200, signed
Text: Walter Tschopp, Heinz Stahlhut
Language: German, English, Turkish
Design: Karin Mairitsch
ISBN: 978-3-907112-18-2
Price: CHF 90.00

The publication Die Poesie des Fremden (The Poetry of the Stranger) provides artistic, informative and unusual insights into current and historical relations between Turkey and Austria and Switzerland. The artist reflects critically on the condition of being a stranger, placing the common before what separates, the poetic before what divides and the accepting before that which robs. 
The publication is an extraordinary artistic object and a sensual, poetic experience: Since the sheets are unique pieces, each copy is one-of-its-kind; Karin Mairitsch made these in parallel to the work on her pieces for the exhibition series of the same name. They were printed in lead type. The cloth bags in which the catalogue is packed are also unique pieces; these were printed and sewn by hand on floral motif fabrics from Turkey.