Décor de la vie. Roba avanguardista.


ABR Stuttgart (René Straub, Harry Walter, Gerrit Hoogerbeets)

Year: 1998
Format: Edition; 68 pages, 29.5 × 20.5 cm, hardcover with embossed lettering, thread stitching, contains x silkscreen prints of the (ABR figure) measuring 20 cm × 17,3 cm
Edition: 1/50–50/50, numbered, special edition of the catalogue published in 1986 by the Württembergischer Kunstverein.
Text: Tilman Osterwold, ABR Stuttgart
Language: German
Design: ABR Stuttgart
Price: CHF 150.00

Tilman Osterwold writes in the preface:
"What is ABR?
A group language, a communication within and with a group, between media languages, from authors to audience;
A communication with its own history and its own images as collages, assemblages, picture montages;
A social aura, a plane between the chairs, nowhere at home; a communication on the spot, in other places with other places, with spaces, languages, images.
Art; itself an art;
An art to live, to arrange, to moderate, to speak, to communicate, to publish, to work;
An art in which images and spaces are created – addressed coquettishly;
A narcissistic art that loves itself, but without being self-sufficient."