Das ramponierte Vertrauen. The battered trust.


Nicole Zachmann (photography), Judith Keller (text)

Year: 2022
Format: Publication; 216 pages, 16,5 × 22,3 cm, Softcover, brochure with folded American dust jacket, thread stitching
Text: Judith Keller
Language: German, English
Design: Studio Daniel Rother
ISBN: 978-3-907112-45-8
Price: CHF 38.00

In the literary and photographic project Das ramponierte Vertrauen (the battered trast) by Nicole Zachmann, details of a world are presented whose subjects seem familiar and at the same time leave us perplexed. We see things and places that are familiar to us from everyday life yet irritating in their abstraction.

It is no coincidence that the depictions contain an absence of people, for it is mankind from which this work withdraws, hurling it back upon itself. In doing so, Zachmann’s photographs reveal the linguistic effort to clearly name and classify reality as a forlorn, but also as a sensual occupation.

Placed distinctly between the images, Judith Keller's sentences enter into a direct dialogue with them. They are sentences ripped from their context, sometimes seeming banal, while at the same time laying tracks into our everyday lives. They speak of the longing for a meaning behind the surface.