Christian Kathriner 1999–2002


Christian Kathriner

Editor: Kulturförderungskommission Obwalden
Year: 2002/2003
Format: Publication; 38 pages, 24 × 17.5 cm, booklet, stapled binding
Text: Thomas Gisler, Magdalena Holzhey, Josef Felix Müller
Language: German
Design: Angela Reinhard, Markus Bucher 
ISBN: 3-909090-27-3
Price: CHF 12.00

The booklet documents a series of murals that Christian Kathriner has digitally collaged using image templates, painted as "frescoes" on the walls and partly mounted. As Magdalena Holzhey describes puts them in her text, scenes of mythological, biblical and allegorical themes are staged, in moving compositions of striking colour and intense luminosity. The artist developed the series of works between 1999 and 2002, among others for the St. Thomas Church in Berlin.